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Auto Reviews in the Mobile Area

  • AveryreviewedPep Boys

    Let me begin by saying that I fear that my relationship with Pep Boys ... read more Let me begin by saying that I fear that my relationship with Pep Boys may be permanently damaged. Additionally, people including myself are more likely to share information about a negative experience than a positive one. I feel as though you need to be made aware of my experience in the local store on Moffett Rd. in Mobile AL. Last year, in June 2015, I purchased a battery for my 2013 Buick Lacrosse. It resolved the issue in my car. I had no further issues until last week when my battery died. I had the battery charged and the same issue occurred the following day. I visited the store to get an oil change and the warranty honored on the battery. I was told that the battery had to be tested. After the alleged test, I was told that the battery tested fine. I explained that there was not any other issue with my vehicle to "Betsy". I found her to be apathetic and dismissive regarding the matter. I asked to speak with a manager, but was told to check back the following day. I spoke with Brian, the manager, the following day. He too, refused to warranty the battery and told me that it would, "Test fine today, if it tested fine the day before." I proposed a solution in which I would take the vehicle to an authorized Buick dealer. If they agreed that nothing else was wrong with my car and the battery tested bad, he would honor the warranty. This left me without the use of my car for the entire weekend. Additionally, I lost time from work as well as my lunch hour. The diagnostic test from Buick determined that the battery had a bad core. Now mind you, Brian promised that he would deliver it to Buick if the battery tested bad and that he would install it himself. Upon receiving the call from Buick that the car was fine, the battery had a bad cell, the battery date was NOVEMBER 2014, he did not fulfill that portion of his promise and still charged me for he installation. I ended up having to pick up the vehicle from Buick and take it back to Pep Boys. There was no apology, expression of regret, nor compensation. My question to you is this: Do you want that to be the narrative of the customer service experience of your establishment?

  • RichardreviewedR-N-R Auto Repair LLC

    My visit to R-N-R was outstanding. The technician was extremely knowle... read more My visit to R-N-R was outstanding. The technician was extremely knowledgeable,friendly and helpfull. He explained what was wrong with the car and what he had to do to fix it. He also explained the cost. He was able to repair my car in time for me to leave on a trip as scheduled even though the parts suppliers were slow suppling the parts and the labor time was long due to diagnostics and getting to parts location. The dashboard and front seats had to be removed to get to one part.

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