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  • CourtneyreviewedPauls Auto and RV Sales

    If you value your time, money and quality of product you're in the mar... read more If you value your time, money and quality of product you're in the market for, DO not conduct business with Paul or this company! First of all, after purchasing the 5th wheel we went to get it registered and the title transferred. We were told that Paul owed almost $800 in back taxes and we would not be able to register it until WE paid it or Paul paid it. Well, that explains why Paul freaked out on us when we refused to let Paul handle the registration paperwork at his office and why he waited until the last possible moment to hand us the title and mumbled that it was a bank repo because we asked him why the title had been stamped and why it came with so much extra paperwork. He NEVER registered the 5th wheel after buying it at auction. The ONLY reason we did business with Paul was because the 5th wheel that we purchased was EXACTLY what we were looking for and the price was within our budget.. Good thing the sticker price was in our budget because Paul refused to come down at ALL in price.. Not a cent. We saw the 5th wheel on RVTrader and called the number on the listing. You have to make an appointment to view anything on his lot and I called a few days in advance. He said he only makes appointments for the same day. So a few days later when my husband was available I called and told him what time we wanted to stop by. We made the hour drive to Glendora to see the 5th wheel. Paul didn't allow my husband to look at the roof, we guessed for insurance reasons. Afterwards my husband found a small tear in the roof, go figure. Paul is a very rude and sloppy person to do business with. Cash sales usually don't take too long but Paul's rude and lazy attitude ended up keeping us in that dusty office for over 3 hours. He was extremely slow, but made sure he took the time to head over to the fridge and take sips from his drink over a dozen times, blow his nose constantly, fidget with things on his desk while trying to stall waiting for an insurance quote so he could make some extra money on referrals (nope, didn't go with that one) and gave more attention to his dog (who bit my daughter's hand) then to the paying customers in front of him. Someone else was on the lot that wanted to see a trailer but he shooed them off and told them to come back later... wow... He didn't even give them the keys to look at it while he was busy, so I'm assuming he lost a sale there, probably because they were a walk in and didn't have an appointment. When it came time to sign the contract and paperwork he didn't bother going over any of the paperwork or informing us what we were signing. When my husband took the time to start reading through everything Paul got irritated once more but anyone with at least a brain cell knows that it's a big no no to enter into any contractual agreement without understanding the terms. The 5th wheel had a goose neck installed and my husband had to remove the goose neck adapter because he has a 5th wheel on his truck. Paul acted like this was something completely unheard of. He even called my husband at 9pm the night before we picked up the trailer just to ask my husband how he got the adapter off. My husband wanted to pick up the trailer at 8am but Paul actually ARGUED that he couldn't do it before 1pm. After a very heated conversation he managed to get Paul to meet him at 10:15 and amazingly enough Paul showed up on time. Paul took a minute to show my husband everything that worked, but never bothered going over things that didn't work well. We found that the propane lines were leaky and holes in the ventilation and loose wiring and a few other issues but we've fixed the issues. I suggest that NO ONE do business with this dirty, rude and arrogant person who has the nerve to call himself a professional. I could go on and on about all of the insane things that happened while trying to buy this trailer but I don't want to waste anymore of my time with this. I just wanted future potential RV buyers to exercise caution and NOT do business with Paul's RV and Auto Sales..

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