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  • BillreviewedArmonk Garage

    I previously had taken my car to be serviced at the Armonk Garage sinc... read more I previously had taken my car to be serviced at the Armonk Garage since I was hearing a popping noise when turning. I was billed for a right side cv joint and axle replacement in February 2017 (4 months ago). In April 2017 I brought the car back because I started hearing the same popping noise when turning. I was advised to replace my worn tires (which i hesitantly did). The popping noise remained after the tires were replaced. I brought the car back July 7, 2017 because the check engine light came on and to find out what was causing the popping noise when turning. On July 7, 2017 I returned to pick the car up and was told 3 sensors needed replacement and my right side axle needed to be replaced. When I brought up the fact that my car had been brought in February 2017 (4 months prior) and had supposedly had the right side axle already replaced, I was told that they needed to look over the car again and it might be noise caused by worn struts. I dropped the car off the following day July 8, 2017. After waiting 4 hours to hear from the mechanic, I called the shop and was instructed to pick the car up. I was told by the mechanic/manager that they "cleaned up" the axel and the car was "ready to go". Immediately upon driving the car out of the parking lot, the noise continued when turning. On July 10, 2017, I returned to the shop to question why I am still hearing the noise when turning. I spoke to a younger mechanic about the work that had been done to the car over the past two days. As he claimed to be unfamiliar with the car, he asked to take a ride with me to hear the noise i was complaining about. After I had agreed, the young mechanic approached his superior to inform him about the ride he was going to take to help diagnosing the noise. His superior approached me and said that I "better take my car to a honda dealership" and was refusing to work on the car further. After visiting the service shop across the street, the mechanic there confirmed that the right side axle needs replacement and had actually never been replaced. The right side axle is the original from when the car was bought new. Although very convenient for me, this service/mechanic shop is running scams on people. To bill for an axle replacement and not perform the work properly or to not install the parts is a crime (theft) in my eyes. The greater crime is the threat which is posed to myself and other innocent people who might have been injured or killed because this shop wanted to scam money, was too lazy to perform the work, or a combination of both. Worn axles pose a severe risk to those who drive that certain automobile and the other people who travel on the same roads. If the axle snaps, the driver loses complete control of the vehicle, rendering themselves and others nearby helpless to an uncontrolled 2 ton vehicle that could be traveling speeds up to 70mph. Do yourself and the public a favor, bring your car somewhere else, they are overpriced as it is, but to find out they are running scams on people and putting people's lives at risk is a sin. Follow this up on Department of Motor Vehicles and Better Business Bureau complaints.

  • These guys know cars. I've had some work done there and they are alway... read more These guys know cars. I've had some work done there and they are always right on time. If they cant do it that day they will not tell youto show up and keep you there all day like some shops. Was back on the road and on my way to work in no time. Thank you! -Jerry Kurz

  • This review, from a thoroughly satisfied customer for the past five ye... read more This review, from a thoroughly satisfied customer for the past five years, with regards to "Joe's Mobil," is long overdue. When one has car problems ranging from minimal, to the most severe, we expect the job to be done professionally, thoroughly, promptly, and at a fair price. "Joe's Mobil," including "Joe & his mechanic," get "Straight A's across the board!" We expect honesty, integrity, respect as valued customers, and an accurate assessment, over what to expect, when our car breaks down, with a thorough repair of our vehicle, at a "non-exorbitant price," in a timely manner. We've always received that, and then some at Joe's Mobil! Joe, as well as his mechanic, answer any & all questions, "In laymen's terms if requested"(which is a category most customers fall into), don't talk down to those of us who are not so mechanically inclined, and just out & out do their job to the highest of standards. We bring both of our automobiles, exclusively to "Joe's," rather than to the dealer where they were purchased (both cars being purchased "brand new!") for both repairs & inspections. "Time" has shown this to be a wise choice for us! We've all been in situations where "time is always of the essence" having sudden, car problems, at the worst possible time...Shall we say, "Murphey's Law?" We want it remedied immediately! Such was the case for our family once recently, when my wife was scheduled for a medical procedure early one morning, at Stony Brook Hospital...which was "one of those appointments that took months to get...not getting there on this day, was not an option... The problem this particular day, was a huge nail in our tire! We brought the car early that morning to "Joe," who after hearing the pain in our voices, as well as our dilemma, assessed that we would have no problem driving on it, for that short duration, to the medical procedure, just as long as we returned "post doctors appointment," to have the nail removed & repaired, which we later that day did. Thanks Joe, for saving the day for us! Keep up the good work (As we are sure you will), in repairing our cars, as we know you & your staff will! Joe's Mobil will continue to be our service station of choice, for our 2 cars, ongoingly. Sincerely, Michael O

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