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Nicks Auto Service, Medford, MA

Engine Jerk

Christina | Sacramento, CA

After replacing all motor mounts, the engine is still jerking whenever I switch gears. I believe I'm missing a part of my engine that doesn't allow it to sit still, I'm just not su...

2001 Saturn SC | Cars | A:(0)

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Raymond | Rome, GA

at 3000 RPM's when on a heavy load we have a little misfire. once the throttle is higher you don't feel it.

2008 searay 260 sundeck | Boats | A:(0)

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Gas Leak


I just got this and i noticed gas leaking pretty heavily from a hose on the left side right under the exhaust on that side. There are 2 small black hoses tied together and one has ...

2004 Honda CMX 250 Rebel | Motorcycles | A:(0)

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