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Auto Reviews in the Lakeland Area

  • I would actually give them negative stars if that was possible. We too... read more I would actually give them negative stars if that was possible. We took our car there to have the engine rebuilt a few years back. We were quoted 2200 for the job and that was everything including parts. I paid $1500 down to start the job. The job took almost a month to complete but that wasn't the worse part. We had to keep calling and asking what was going on with the car. When the car was finally ready, we were prepared to pay the remaining balance of $700 when Gene out of the blue told us it was $1800 more than was quoted. So $4000 for a car engine that was 12 years old!!!! I could have bought an engine for $800 and just paid labor. When confronted about it he got irrate. Telling us it didnt matter we had to pay that amount to get our car out of hostage. We were never given a new estimate, I never signed a new estimate. I would think good business would be to ask the client if it was ok that it was going to be so much more money. A warning would have been nice, or even an explanation about why it was so much more money. No one ever called us to warn us it was $1800 more than we expected. Luckily I could pay it and get my car out of their business. But what would have happened if I didn't have the money? Just bad business all around. I do not recommend them if you only want to pay what was quoted and not get ripped off.

  • NancyreviewedThe Auto Hook Up

    To begin with I was quoted $130.00 to get my windows tented w/ my wind... read more To begin with I was quoted $130.00 to get my windows tented w/ my windshield strip included. Instead I was charged $150.00 to have the job left undone. I was also told that it would only take about 2 hours...3 hours later I still have a portion of the car (windshild strip) undone. I was told by "Jay" "come back by in a couple of days & I'll finish it for you"! So I did, and things came up, that's cool I understand stuff happens! However, what I don't understand is a months worth of EXCUSES!!! So upon my last visit (appointment) there I'm told as I walk in the door "I forgot about you", that's nice to know. So as I'm waiting patiently as I"ve done for about a month now, I was starting to get aggervated about the whole mess. While on the phone talking to my husband telling (venting) to him, Jay walks out of the back and says "go somewhere else to get it done, I hear you talking trash". Wow really, that's the way to run a business, not that it was really running great anyhow. What made him so mad (mad enough to tell me to go else where) was I said I wouldn't be referring anyone there to AUTO HOOK UP! So my advise to you is if you want your vehicle COMPLETED...DO NOT GO TO AUTO HOOK UP!

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