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Auto Reviews in the North Miami Beach Area

  • Awesome!!! We took our daughters Mini Cooper turbo to a shop around... read more Awesome!!! We took our daughters Mini Cooper turbo to a shop around the corner because it was using up oil like crazy and the engine made the worst pinging sound I ever heard. I was told that it is most likely the oil pump so they will change it out for $1,200 but if that wouldn't solve the problem I should pay them an additional $270 to take the engine apart so they can see what else would be wrong. Not wanting to let them go on a fishing expedition my wife looked online and found Advanced Auto Diagnostics who had all good reviews. We called them up and spoke to Fernando who told us to bring the car in and he would check it out for free which we did. There was nothing wrong with the oil pump, it turned out to be a bad turbo which they changed out and the car drives perfectly. These people are professional and super nice and don't take you for a ride. With all the bad shops around that try to screw you to make a quick buck these people are honest and have pride in their work and now they have another customer for life.

  • I've been taking multiple cars here for 3 years. They have serviced my... read more I've been taking multiple cars here for 3 years. They have serviced my Infiniti G37 (replaced the entire engine due to water damage), BMW 328i and Mini Cooper. I cannot stress the professionalism and attentive service i've received from this family owned business. 3 years ago I took my wife's Mini to the BMW dealership for service. I was told that the water pump was damaged (notorious problem with mini's) and it needed to be replaced. I decided to get a quote from multiple independent shops since the price I was quoted from the dealership was ridiculously high. When I called Advanced Auto Diagnostics I was quoted a very fair price in comparison to other shops that I had called except he told me he would order the water pump for me before I brought the car so the job could be done quickly since my wife needed her car the following afternoon. I dropped off the car the following morning at 9:00 AM and was assured the job would be done within a few hours. I get a call from Fernando about 45 min later saying there was a small problem. Surprise, the water pump was NOT BROKEN. He hooked up a pressure gauge to the water pump to double check that it was losing pressure. When the pressure did not drop he decided to call me and tell me to come down and see for myself (which I did shortly after). Sure enough the water pump was in perfect condition. I ended up only doing an oil change since it was almost time for it anyways and he did not charge me a penny for any work done to the water pump. I am now a customer for life. He could have easily just not said anything, replaced the water pump and charged me for the expensive repair. I'm sure there are plenty of other mechanics that would just replaced the pump and pocketed the money. Maybe some others would not have checked to make sure it was broken and just changed it assuming that it was. The point of this story is to show the level of integrity of Fernando and everybody else at Advanced Auto Diagnostics. They have always been fair to me and my family and I cannot thank them for the amount of money they've saved me over the years. I cannot recommend them enough!

  • These guys are auto gods. I have had 4 cars repaired by them and each ... read more These guys are auto gods. I have had 4 cars repaired by them and each car has come out better looking then when they are brand new. I will never use anyone but Sons auto body. I had my Nissan 350z driver side repaired from a parking lot collision, my GMC Sierra rear side panel replaced and repaired. Nissan Maxima both bumpers replaced and repaired and now my Audi front grill repaired. Every vehicle as perfect after they were at Sons

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