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  • I called and spoke with Jerry at Hucks Auto Sales Inc @ 1803 North Kin... read more I called and spoke with Jerry at Hucks Auto Sales Inc @ 1803 North Kingshiway Cape Girardeau MO 63701 He only had his cell phone number 573-576-3000 listed instead of the business number. I asked about a 2003 Lincoln Town car he had advertised on the St Louis Craigslist. I asked him about the paint and body condition and he said there was a small dent in rear side of car I said I understand and then I asked about the interior and if there was any sign it had been smoked in?? He said no its immaculate! I asked many I am a car guy and I'm very sharp with cars. I was looking at purchasing the car for a friend of my wife's since she doesn't know much about cars. We drove 1 and half hours to get there from St Louis County. We walked in the office and Jerry said the car is unlocked please go check it out. I am a very reasonable person and God is my witness!!! The car had damage all over it I mean the back bumper was cracked in 3 places and was ready to fall off!! The paint was scratched up and looked like it was worn out and some spots of rust! I would estimate the body work and paint would cost at least $3000 to be repaired! Now for the bad part... The entire interior had cigarette burn holes all over the seats, headliner and carpet!! The interior was cracked badly and had the smell of cigarettes and air freshener. To say Jerry is a complete Liar and time waster is being nice!! Do yourself a big favor and dont waste your time going to Hucks Auto Sales because you will be wasting your time as I did because Jerry cant tell the truth! He was the typical used car dealer you see in the movies. Not Joking!!

  • When my car wouldn’t move when I put it in Drive, I knew I had BIG pro... read more When my car wouldn’t move when I put it in Drive, I knew I had BIG problems. After finding out it was my transmission, I did some research on transmission shops around my area and consulted with my trusted mechanic and my husband. Turns out, everyone recommended Beussink Transmission in Leopold, MO. My husband said that his truck had transmission problems a few years back and they had also repaired it. His Chevy’s still running in tip-top shape, even looking great, too, so without a second thought, we took my car to Beussink’s. They did end up having to rebuild the transmission, but when I got my car back, it drove and sounded better than it had the day I purchased it. This was a few months back, and I still haven’t had any problems with it, nor will I worry about any problems. Now when someone asks me where to go for a transmission problem, I’ll tell them, “Go to Beussink’s in Leopold. They do business the right way the first time, and the results are totally worth the drive!” -Bek

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