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  • Wonder where the integrity is. Let me save a you from trying to find... read more Wonder where the integrity is. Let me save a you from trying to find it at this place. My sons vehicle broke down in here in here in Montana. I am from Utah, i called to find a mechanic to look at the vehicle. I was really in a predicament and found Top Tech. Spoke with Darren on the phone, he evaluated the vehicle and called to give me a quote. He quoted me 3000.00. Sent him a thousand to get the parts and get started. A MONTH later, I finally got the vehicle back and paid 5100.00. I have never met a man with less integrity then him. I was never told that the price would increase or gave him permission to do as much as he claimed he did. I wished I could upload the texts, voice mails and pictures of the lies spewed by this man. He sent my husband a picture of a leaky hose that was supposedly on my sons vehicle. Needless to say that my sons Land Rover, does not have a turbo, 6.0 deisel engine. It was an exhausting process, with endless promises to have the vehicle done week after week. When I asked about an invoice, the pricing, what work was being done I got voice mails about his remodeling, his hunting, his collegiate games and how he was at the voting polls. I dont blame him for having a life, what I blame him for is his lack of respect for me as a customer. I had a budget for this work and he exceeded it against numerous requests to inform me of what was going on, his promises to complete a job and his exhausting stories that prohibited my son from having his vehicle for a month. I honestly feel that if I hadnt come to Montana myself. He would still be working on it.

  • Unhappyreviewed5 Star Transmissions

    This was the worst service we have ever received. Had a transmission t... read more This was the worst service we have ever received. Had a transmission that was slow to shift from reverse to drive. He rebuilt it and as soon as I got it back it was leaving puddles of tranny fluid everywhere. Found out the main bolt was not tightened and it was overfull. Two months later, just over 1,000 miles we decided to take our annual trip out of state. 800 miles from home the transmission failed (catastrophic failure). He said if he had known we were going to take it out of state he would have done things differently. He would not warranty his work, even though his website says best warranty in the business, only if we were in town. With towing being $1,200 and hundreds in additional fees to get my family back home we had to get repaired where it failed. Asking for some sort of reimbursement for only getting a couple of months of use, we were told, in not so nice of words, we were not going to get a penny. Very demeaning and rude and when mentioning going to court he said it wouldn't be the first time, so apparently he has been through this before. STAY AWAY!

  • I called Valley Auto Service Center on September 17, 2015 and asked fo... read more I called Valley Auto Service Center on September 17, 2015 and asked for a quote to tow my car (2002 VW Beetle) and put in a new battery. After answering their questions, I was quoted a price of $250. I accepted the quote and someone from their establishment picked up my car and towed it to their facility. Approximately 30 minutes later I received a phone call from Valley Auto Service stating they had made a mistake with their quote. Their new quote was $348 (almost $100 more than the original quote). Even if I could have afforded to pay I wouldn't as there were 2 other repair shops that quoted $250 with towing. I told them I couldn't afford it and asked if my car would be towed back to my house at no charge since they made the mistake with an incorrect quote (I can understand $10-20 but $100 more?!!). The owner, Ken, insisted that I pay for the tow to his shop despite their mistake. I had to walk to their repair shop and pay for the tow. They jump started it for me and I drove it to Speedometer Auto and Electric where the battery was replaced for $184.48 Not only do they give poor customer service but they are way over-priced.

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