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  • Mr. Baty's, Is a fantastic person. He is great with any car but he is ... read more Mr. Baty's, Is a fantastic person. He is great with any car but he is beyond words with Ford's. He has always be straight forward and honest with me and my family. My son has started working on car's because he says Mr. Baty is always with an answer or will find an answer. Always has time to answer a question even if he isn't working on your car. Great Christian man. Way beyond far on prices for the work he does.

  • purkey1977@yahoo.comreviewedThe Generator Shop, Inc

    I had my 2002 WS 6 trans am for about 2 months before I had the car pa... read more I had my 2002 WS 6 trans am for about 2 months before I had the car painted, new emission parts with improved performance in mind and last, the motor rebuilt at the generator shop, due to it having A noisy lifter and 144000 miles on the car,but it ran great.Even with the miles and, lifter. I wanted more power really,but All the options worked! traction control, abs, power everything, security system, etc,it was fully loaded because it was a special eddition car, only about 14000 were made, and it was to be Pontiac's last year in business.New it came with a ls 1 350 small block Chevy engine, 350 plus horse power, but I wanted more horse powewr.So I used a more aggressive, solid lift roller camshaft , corvette LS 6 heads, shaved to 11 to 1 compression, and new larger intake to up the air flow raising power. I had 900 in the heads, 400.00 in the intake 600.00 in the cam and lifters. It was estimated to have close to 500 horse power after they were done. I was told the labor for this would be 1050.00 BEFORE! they began. the price was to include the installing of my ac as well as remove and rebuild and replace the engine, since the labor price to build a engine surely was included in removing, rebuilding and, reinstalling the engine since it had to be taken out of the car to do the rebuilding of the engine. The ac had already been taken off to place a super charger on the engine,so that would mean less work for the mechanic since the mechanic did'n't have to remove something that was already 0ff they had to reinstall the already taken off ac before he finished it had paid them for that. They didn't have to remove the ac,but they had install it. I mean to say the labor rates had already allowed for the taking off of the ac, and was included in the time the labor book had already allowed to reinstall of the already off ac, giving them extra time for the job.They did have to put the ac back on as was installed at the factory since the labor guide had already gave them time for the job. While The automotive repair man was installing the engine he had me to send the engine computer or be reset by P.C.M. OF N.C. the repair man told me.It had to be reset to work with the upgrades. The mechanic gave me then the information I needed for the correct settings to be added so he removed the E.C.M. and the e.c.m.and information I needed to send with the E.C,M.,so P.C.M.of N.C.could do as the repair man had wanted it to be. That was part of what he told me to do and i'm paying all this money to the performance shop for their knowledge and labor after all they had a sign saying they were a performance shop! Also they told me all this was needed for the engine to run the best it could possabily could I was cutting no corners. The automotive tech john had told me where to send the E.C.U. and and what details were needed to provided details on how it was to be set up. So I was charged another 350.00 by P.C.M.of N.C. to set up THE E.C.M. to the mechanics specs he gave me.The setting of the computer was now being done as the as the performance guys specs so that the engine will provide the correct amount of gas when it was set to be added at and, the ignition timeing set and now the engine with the improved parts was suppose to be set for performance according to the performance shop I was paying.So now I also had to pay to have the heads cut for more compression at after mechanics suggestion, and I do because there professional repair men that have knowledge of building a performance motor or car,and the mechanic suggestions is what I was paying for as well as their labor, remember they have a sign that says performance so for now power was addressed.As with any rebuilding the set of heads needed to have the vales renewed to make them like new, as well as springs changed to match the camshaft that I was using for a true powerful and dependable engine built by professional performance repair men.I also added new valve stem seals , pretty much making everything new,or like new as theyy can be. While the heads are off you do everything your suppose to do to refurbish a set of used heads,and As I said I didn't use LS1 heads I used ls 6 heads for improved performance and power. The ls 6 was said to make 423 horse power with out improvements , because the main difference between the ls 6 and ls 1 is mainly in the heads and cam profile, as well as valves that are in the heads. With everything checked or replaced.and the compression changed to 11 to 1, as the mechanic had suggested,and since he said the more compression you have the more power you have, and I wanted power out of my new motor I was feeling broke but good. I mean it was apart anyway I had the cash so why not do in right, the sign on the building said performance shop,they must know what there doing. Well i'm in for a lot of money now, so lets get performance damn the cost. I wanted it to be perfect, That's why the sign said performance shop , and the ac should be no problem since they specialize in wiring and electronics repair as well. The previous owner was known for hims knowing how to fix electronics, and they said they had the know how too so I did everything they had told me to do and paid them to do everything they said was needed to be done. I should of told you in the first place, I was told it would take 4 months or so,as it was a big job, and I wanted it right as well.Then they began asking for more money for labor, so if i wanted it perfect I had to pay them. I was ready to spare no expense, I wanted it to be like a new car, with new paint and when they were done. I also had had some interior work done .I had bought a wrecked car with perfect interior parts. It also already had a entire kicker stereo system with 3 amplifiers it sounded great from a mile a way.The car exhaust and music, That was before they did there expert work, lol. I'm in deep now money wise, but again I was told they needed 850,00 dollars more to have the motor built by their machine shop, rather than them as the agreement had been.So I used their machine shop because ther a performance repair shop and had to have perfect machine work done, surely they would be perfect for that much money on a job like this, in a car like this one. Well when he called 7 months after they began and said, he had finished the motor! and it was running so I took off to see the motor run, I wanted to hear it, and see how it was doing. I had been paying insurance the entire time and not driving it so I was ready to go. I just can't to wait on him to finish the job,and than get a tag to drive. Now I could go see and listen to it at least. It seemed to run great when I got there the check motor light was not on ,and I had been worried about that due to N.C. inspection laws,Also and the new heads,camshaft,and intake were doing great It seemed except for the fact that the exhaust was hanging down some, and leaking, but The mechanic assured me it would be fixed correctly before it was ready for pick up.I was told that I just needed a few more dollars for labor. It had been a big job, and I took it for granted that it had been done correctly!Surely since I had done everything the experts at the performance shop had told me to do, and how the tech. had told me everything I needed he said. Since it took so long. I was sure everything that was done that it was going to be great and since I had bought all the best stuff and had done every thing the mechanic told me to . I also had all the work done to the heads that they had told me to do ,I had the computer set up just like they told me too. Man it had to be right. I mean its a special car or so I thought it seems they didn't take as much interest in perfection as me, oops i'm getting ahead of my self.So now I got thousands of dollars in the stereo and the paint, and the engine parts and rebuild, and the machine work too, and I had taken it to a performance shop not a repair shop, and it was to be a wiring shop as well. Anyway they were professionals.... right? The car was running good there were no warning lights on all them systems were working. I checked everything out and I was excited big time about the check engine light not being on, but the mechanic still had to repair the wiring and that's what there claim to fame was wiring and performance,,, so I beleaved I was set. Well my car sat there about 6 more months, I was getting pretty anxious and a little mad it was taking so long, but I wanted very thing perfect so I bit my lip, and smiled and waited , than i was called by a new guy he was the new manger now and he was having trouble. finding the ac plugs for the eletric parts reallv I thought they would know that their a wiring, and performance shop , but I had ran a service station for about 8 years when I was younger my dad owned one few blocks away , but he was not a performance shop, he was a repair shop and i wanted more than repair, I wanted performance as well , when I ran my dads shop i was ok with it taking longer , but it was really taking a long time it had been over a year of paying insurance and i hadn't even bought tag yet.It still had the dead dealer tag on it and it has had insurance the entire time. I had even got it painted as soon as I had the radio right , now I was getting it running better than any other ws 6 out there .I was bragging to my best friend about all the expensive stuff I had done to make it the best WS 6, and as well I had used the best parts, and the best engine machine shop, and again all that's left is wiring , and I had already saw and heard it run all was good the warning lights were off it seemed great. I just haven't drove it yet. I didn't know who they used to build the motor, but they were a performance shop,and they built performance cars also it had taken over a year, and a lot more money than I had first been told, So they must be doing something good to it ,right?anow a new manger is hired rather the one that was going to beat me up, cool I thought that would be great I spoke to him expressed the fact I was told for months it had been a year or more now.A Few weeks later the manger of this professional wiring repair shop said he could not find the plugs for the AC. HU? , hes the manger of the wiring shop, but cant find wiring parts , this could be hard. So I helped find the correct parts for the ac wiring. I had ran a repair shop for 8 years when I was younger I know a thing or two about auto repair , and this was repair not performance stuff so maybe I could, I just called Painless Wiring Company and told them what kind of car I was working on, how the part looked and presto, they had a ac plug with 3 wires all the professional could find were plugs with 2 wires and he needs 3 The manger told me it would be easy to install the plugs see he told me that the plugs had been cut off when the AC had been removed but said the wires just had to had new plugs placed on them. The manger ONLY told me the professional just had to put the plugs on the wires where they had been cut off I was told the original plugs were just cut off and they were replacing them onto the wires that were cut , at least that's what the manger told me. I did begin to wonder why a wiring shop would not know where to get wiring parts, but it was done.They just had to put it one where the wires were cut and id have my car , I needed to get a tag so i did. and paid them about another 150.00 for parts and labor. dang this is getting high. finally the day came I was told it was ready. I had already took the tag to them so they could test drive it, everything should be perfect right? well I got there and the the ac didn't work. and all the warning lights. OH CRAP THE ABS AIRBAG AND CK ENGINE THAT NASTY ONE THAT COULD KEEP YOU FROM BEING ABLE TO INSPECT THE CAR WAS ON NOW.Oh crap whats has happen the motor still running good I'm worried now, all they had to do was replace the ac plugs. I had already been there and all was good no check engine light no abs light no air bag light the radio face plate was missing and the radio was not getting any power at all , all the security lights were on as if the alarm was on and the door locks were not working, I was checking everything now this was bad I knew.What I didn't know was why all this was going on. Basicly all the electrical stuff on the car were acting up bad, and this car was loaded with power everything.So I now tried the AC and it didn't work either. WOW! I went to the manger who had told me it was ready, and I ask him why it wasn't working he didn't know. after I had paid all that money and all the time they had my car he didn't even check it out before he called me I was told to leave the car.After that I was told about 5 times it was ready, one time the dash was in the back seat. All the bolts were not in place the professional didn't even put any fluids in it. I didn't look under the hood the first few times i went to get it but after a few trips I was told ok the AC was working all was good I owed 350.00 more. wow well I paid the bill but had not been to see it surely after 5 trips in 3 weeks to pick it up its been checked good now I mean as i said the last trip they had the dash out laying in the back seat. So now I go get in my car.what the hell?All the electrical stuff was still not working , as well as warning lights are all on. this time the old manger was there he took my money, and told me all was fixed. I complained to him tried to explain I had been cool with the entire deal. these people had my car for a year and a half ,I had been first told 6 months ago it was readyand bought a tag I had been paying monthly insurance because they kept saying its almost done ,, for over a year its been almost done I had tried the AC controls i forgot to tell you this was the 5th time I had been told it was ready, but each time the ac didn't work parts were still not put back on and a lot of warning lights were on and, I had not drove it, or looked under the hood since I first came up there to see the engine run. well when I ask the 5th time why the warning lights were acting up and the ac not working. I was told to leave it john the performance tech. working on it was not there. I knew john he had put a transmission in my 67 ford F 1 it ran great but I had built that motor back when I worked at a shop. I didn't attempt this one due to me being disabled, and there is a lot more wiring and computers on the newer cars they were harder, but I was at a wiring performance shop it would be fine.He again told me to leave it there he would have john ck it out. Now its been six months since had brought them a tag. I was needless to say anxious to drive it I had even been paying the insurance as I said on it since 6 months ago by now I knew I should have let the insurance lapse it was getting to be a lot of money but each time I had called I was told it would be ready in a week or so and I did want to have to pay the reinstatement fee and turn my tag in. That was a lot of money too. So I waited and waited and finally called again was told it was ready , that the AC was working, but you had to have a battery beside the car to hook it to,and the controls didn't cut it off. now how was I to drive with a second battery outside the hood and use the AC? I was told john would get it right.I was told he had to work on the new jobs each day, kinda like I had paid already so as more money came in he did that and put me to the side ya know THAT WAS WHAT THEY WERE DOING! what ?That's what they did, even thou I had paid all the money, and it was a scarce car that was freshly painted and had a great stereo and was mine , they chose to work on the unpaid jobs to get paid,yet left mine aside to get it tomorrow, but tomorrow never came.Just another day of new unpaid jobs to be done. I was mad, I was finally called and told it was ready the next day and that I had better come and get it or i would owe 500.00 in storage?For a day it was 430pm They closed at 5 I called Jason after I could not reach t jimmy the guy who had taken me up there the past 5 times I had paid the old manger 350.00 he day before so I'm sure i owe nothing else ...I didn't owe but when I got there nothing had been fixed the dash panels had been stuffed in place where they were held by the rest of the dash the bolts to the dash were in the ash tray the body I noticed was bowed out I told you I had paid for a good paint sod the car had been taken apart at the paint shop to paint all the seems had paid the old manger 350.00 for the AC repair. I sure wouldn't let them work on nothing else of mine and I was glad mine was done,........or so I thought. I went out to my car and I noticed first that the tag wasn't on it. I told the new manger who was there today it was no where near done. I had anger in my voice I guess because he got mad told me to leave before he beat my ass,,,, HU? Yes BEFORE HE BEAT ME UP I was told to take it as is he didnt care I had paid all that money on it or was was gonna begin to pay storage fees , but in a meaner way I had been up there to get my car I know by now 5 xs and each time it was worse than before . unknown to me my engine had been ready with the new clutch and ac on it for months. They as I said before were taking in the new jobs that had not paid as I had, and the performance wiring grease monkey didn't know how to fix my ac.this man he first told me that the computer had been messed up when it was set. I had messed something up when I had sent it to P.C.M.. also they told me told me the AC was good as they could be get ,but it it didn't work,, even tho I was charged extra twice.Well I don't know much about wiring, but I know if the computer is bad replace it I went home and called P.C.M.OF N.C.and told them the entire story they were cool but said nothing they had adjusted had anything to do with the ac just the air fuel ratio and timing just the working of the motor ,, not the air bags , traction control , abs,security system , power locks, all the lights that were lit up and the radio yes my nice stereo didn't have the face plate on it I didn't understand at the time because I was told when I left it there A Year and a half ago they said it would be kept inside at night every night and it had been outside for months I looked closer and sure as heck there was mold growing inside my nice w s6 and my new paint job was dented and scratch I looked even closer when I saw this and noticed the fenders were bowed out and the ground effects were bent away from the carMy ws 6 was really not that awsome no more.. i went inside mad as a hornet but trying to maintain and went over thee promblems but when i said nsomthing abouwarning lights the manger new manger that didnt didnt even see the car when Ibrought it said it was the computer I ask why didnt u put a neew one in it ,,i had paid to have everything else replaced he told me thry tried one but it didnt fix it ,,, well its not the computer than upon futher inspection i saw the wiring harness omg. John had cut up my wiring harness on my expensive special edition trans am from the last year that pontiac was in business HE HAD REALLY had cut my wiring harness up he had not put the new ends on the old wires he tried to rewire the damn car by using the a.b.s. wires, the air bag wire,etc to wire up the ac.The security system seemed to be cut if it went off ad they just cut the wires to it , the door locks were not working the exhaust was leaking I had crank it now I wanted to see what all was not working , the they had lost my tag ,, what do I expect its been there for a year and a half it was f----d up. I noticed the bent fenders had wires hanging out of the inner fender. I bent down and looked and there were cut exposed wires hanging .. I could not take it!The pro wiring hot rod shop had tore my car all to hell. it was hard to remember what all was broken, oh yes the day before i had noticed all this the traction control dash light would show it was off but the light on the button was on saying that it was engaged i flip it nothing so i had told them about the traction control the day before now the light on the button was not on and it showed on the dash by being lit up that it was off but flipping the switch shoed the light on the button had just been disconected or it seemed the securty system seed like someone had set it off and cut the wires to get it to turn off not only was the radiio not geting power they had lost the face plate I was stuned it was all I could do not to yell out this time jason not jimmy had taken me to get it ,, oh yeh all those times before jimmy had taken me , I didn't know that he wast saying it was tore up, and still he had taken apart the dash and bolts were still in the ashtray , nothing was working it was as if had been getting worse and worse the more he had tried to get the ac to work he had been just cutting any wire that went to any thing to try to get power to the AC ,ground the controls to the ac.It was crazy,he tried to get it to work by hooking it to different wires and see what happened, Didn't worry about breaking what ever it was suppose to control. I didn't want them to break stuff they should of told me they couldn't find the correct wires to the ac, and I would of got another entire wiring harness with the ac plugs on it.Now you cant tell what wire went were, Also the throttle control sensor was completely changed to a different wire I have no idea why that was cut or where the original wire was gone but some how the throttle was working it seemed like. Any way but it sure was jerrry riged. it was not what you would expect from a wiring shop or performance shop or, a back yard mechanic for that matter. I was madder than I think I ever been I went to get the manger he came out defensively he knew it was all messed up from the gate you could tell he was ready for conflict, first I said nothing was working,he said because the computer was reset wrong. I told him that the a.b.s and security system and radio had not been reset at all, and I said if the computer was bad why not replace it, not cut up my wiring harness. Why didn't they just put a computer in it? ill tell you why. It wasn't the problem the problem was the so called repairmen or man tried to do a job he did not know how to do, and he had my wiring harness all hacked up. I was told they tried a new computer it didn't fix anything, I may not have worked at a wiring shop but I did work on cars and I knew for sure certain sensors and controls need certain volts,i knew that you cant just go cutting up wires thinking your gonna get lucky and fix something. That was crazy and he knew it. he was getting mad by this point because it was obvious I knew about cars Well and he knew I knew he was full of it. He began to walk off saying we have done all we can,so take it or ill have it impounded ,,,Jason was parked behind my car and he had got out of his truck seeing all this. The new manger walked to where John the wiring man, the performance repair man, was working on another car and I followed him I was no where near ready to accept this as what I had paid all that money to have. Like i said in the beginning it WAS runing good with 144000 miles and a lifter ticking before he had cut up the wiring. Now it was totally f''ked up. I BEGIN TO QUIZ HIM AND JOHN ON THE WIRING HARNESS BEING CUT UP ASKING WHY, TELLING THEM THEY KNEW IT WAS NOW MESSED UP! They had screwed it up AND SCREWED ME BAD.then the manger said take it and bill me. for a minute I was feeling better but than I ask so you are gonna have this mess fixed, he than said no we've fixed so many things that I didn't know how many hours john had worked on my car. I honestly think that's terriable, that he was messing it up all that time he should of admitted he had no idea how to fix the car and surely he should not have began to cut up a cars wiring harness. I started fussing about the radio being gone as well the car was bent the paint was scratched it was really messed up. In that year and a half they did more damage than all the prior years had PUT TOGETHER! they than got out a stack of radio face plates and said one of um was mine..none were mine it was gray, honestly I had replaced all the factory speakers with kicker speakers, every one and there's a lot about ten. and i had added tho amps but i had not changed the radio yet so that was the least of my worries i mean it wasn't getting power anyway there may be fuses blown sensers maybe burnt out no telling when you hack up the cars wiring harness as they did ,, what if a Dr. tried to take someones optical nerve and hooked it to their ears because they were deaf, and they expected the person would than be able to hear if you were deaf, that's kinda what they tried to do , and the same thing happened to the car that would a person, the person would now be blind and deaf. you hook the abs wire to the ac its not gonna fix the ac its gonna break the abs system too. about that time an employee comes out and over to us with a summons for court on another job they had done saying it was made out to the old manger , but he had crossed out his name and input the new mangers information.. really im really going through this . I have thousands of dollars and a 4 door dully GM truck that had a new GM crate 454. and a crate big block chevy 502 that had 515 horse power it same as the gm crate motor had never been cranked, and i had traded both plus 1500 for this special edition car, than i had repainted it 3500.00 ,, not a cheap o paint job either i have the receipt I will have to look to see how much it was but it was close to 4000'00 and the motor omg machine shop bill from the heads 300'00 heads 500.00 , intake 3 or 400.00, camshaft and lifters 600.00 plus labor 1050.00 plu all the extra stuff I got receipts. he than walked back to my car when I said they had also bent the frame, he bent over saw where the ground effects were pulled from the body from the bending of the tabs that the ground effects bolt to, and without cracking up , he said it was like that before they got it bull I drove it there from the paint shop ,,,he didn't even work there when i brought it ..... he said well there gravel IN THE CRACK , I than said well were in a gravel parking lot the same color as the gravel in the crack. I told him he was crazy to think i would accept this.He than said were not working on it no more ,. gave me a couple radio face plates they had kept from other cars and said one of them will work . I advise him that it wont either that there wasn't even there's no power to the radio . He than says to me that the radio may not work due to the alarm system is messed up. I almost fell out I said everything pretty much is messed up and the things not messed up you all didn't work on it. All this and they could have gotten the entire wiring harness with ac plugs and fixed it all from the same place we got the plugs, and it would be cool. He again blames the computer now. I said you said that you had tried a new computer already but that didn,t fix everything either ,Well why are u saying thats the promblem , the trouble is this cut up wiring harness sending bad information to the computer it was fine before he tried to fix the ac by cutting up the harness.The first year they had the car I had bought a wrecked one for 700.00 no motor or transmission or rear end but lots of hard to find parts and t tops "I striped it and I have a spare everything for my car including a damn wiring harness. I had taken the dash and one seat out and put it in my car already, as some ac vents and all the little things that had gone bad on my car. Now I got a completely tore up WS 6 trans am with a ton of money in it, and It is not worth anything till its fixed .He told me as he was walking away after he had threatend me really that he would to have my car impounded if I didn't take it off his lot as is . I told him I was with out a second thought sueing him he'll be getting another summons like the one in his hand OH YEH SOMEONE ELSE HAD HIM SERVED WHILE I WAS THERE! He than ran back over to me as I got in the car, and tried to reach in and take my damn keys. I looked at him and said " are you crazy"than told him to get his damn arm out of my car, He than drew back like he was going to punch me trough the window. I than said please do iwould love to get you arrested.. I guess he thought about it because he lowered his hand but he I guess didn,t know jason who was parked behind me ,had brought me up there because he said to jason stay parked there for a minute meaning to block me in .There was a car in frount of me parked with no one in it as well,, Jason said man i,m with him you need to chill out ,, he said he was calling A wrecker to impound my car that I owed 500'00 for storage. now but I had jimmy bring me up there to get the car four or five times in the past few weeks, he cannot charge storage till the job is done I ran a shop before, but he was gonna lie and say I owed for storage that it had been ready for months he said ,, truthfully it was far from ready now! It but really it needs more work now THAN WHEN I FIRST GOT IT I got back out of the car and told him to call the police that my car still isn't ready the damn dash bots and center console bolts were in the ash try, the ac they charged me around 700 extra dollars to fix in order for it to work, you had to run beside the car with a extra battery for it to work he had said, that's NOT fixed , no shit. and all the warning lights were on oh yes I forgot they had also lost my tag remember I said it was not on the car after they looked or we looked for it for about n hour and john even went home to see if he had taken it there, why I honestly don;t know but anyway I finally found it under the driver seat I have no radio no power to the radio and a ton of money in amps and speakers all the wiring is tore up and the paint is chiped and the car is bent this all happened in November 2015 to MARCH 20016 !Now the drive home I had no power steering cause they didnt put fluids back into the new motor in the past few months its all been like that for me,Trying to save up to sue them. well I've got it now i've had to put a new ac and heat unit in my home, I had to redo the 30 year warrentyed roof, I put on 12 years ago,i have had to be replaced the whole house needed to be painted again I had neck/back sugary a few years ago so ive have to pay for all these things I used to just do myself it sucks but i got all of it done and manged to save around 7000.00 in savings so i can take my car to a honest repair shop not a thug business and have my car fixed by real mechanics Jacobs service center is about a block from the generator shop.the generator shop was a good repair shop when keith owned it but now I would take or advise someone NOT! to take their bicycle to that place they would manage to tear it up too. I did find out the mechanic john had my car sitting outside for over 8 months because he didn't know what to do to repair it , I just wish he had ask me to get a wiring harness not a knife and cut up the one in the car and try to replace the bad part, the entire harness now, not cut up the working things limp brain momo .Im still tripping over the fact that their allowed to operate as they do. The new manger came along after 8 months of my car sitting their and he made john try to fix it , than after he had screwed up all he can think of with the wiring at a COST TO ME and rod me of all the money they could "they knew I was not going to pay any more the have it repaired there" I was sent home with no anti freeze that you could see in my new motor they built and installed , no power steering , due to the fact they forgot or john forgot to replace the power steering fluid after removing the pump and letting it all leak out , its hard for me to decide if they are really that stupid or really if that smart, because they have got me to pay most of the money they said I owed but what ever, I advise you all the keep your car/ performance automobile/ or a family mini van, as far away from this place as your able. Well I finally have the money to get it taken care of now . I'm also going to file criminal, fraud charges aginst the manger that flat out lied to me,and than forged a fake receipt saying that he told me the AC didn't work, before I had paid the last 350.00. He messed up when he wrote a fake receipt , because I still have the real one! he should not of put in writing. that proved he altered the receipt, and that's a criminal not civil charge that he can be arrested for, So I hope to have him arrested after all they gave me a hard time and said they had tried to replace the computer but that didn't fix it ,but manger that done all this me is a croook and should be in jail, and told my bank the co the manger now says the computer was still at fault for all the problems.. hes a crook "I disputed a few charges from there I am going to pursue this the car has 29 miles on it I charged the battery yesterday and noe the motor is knocking,,performance my ass.It sucks but most of the charges were over a year old so I was unable to dispute them. but I have all the bills and receipts from the money they took from me. So I will see them in court.

  • One of the best auto shops I've ever been to in Charlotte. The owner w... read more One of the best auto shops I've ever been to in Charlotte. The owner was super nice and helpful. The waiting room is awesome! There was a Kuerig coffee maker and some very nice and clean waiting area. I had to get a ground wire replaced on my car and they charged me next to nothing. They also noticed something was wrong with my car when they pulled the car into the shop. They came to ask if they could see what was wrong with my breaks and they wouldn't charge me at all for looking at it because they were worried about my safety and just wanted to check them, of course I said yes. They came back and told me both of my front control arms were bad. They gave me and estimate on a printed out sheet of paper to tell me what the cost was to fix it, told me what to do, and gave me an estimate on how long they had left before they were completely done. Great people who were pleasant and honest. The other bad reviews have no clue what they are talking about and were very petty. I plan on taking my car to Super Eagle in the future.

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