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  • JosephreviewedStreetcars Car Wash

    I was absolutely shocked that they charged me $25.00 for a 10 foot lon... read more I was absolutely shocked that they charged me $25.00 for a 10 foot long Scion XA! I took it upon myself to remove the roof antenna and my deer whistler's myself as they were getting ready to run my matchbox car through without removing these exterior items that would easily have been damaged or torn off the car. I should have dropped Street Cars like a hot potato when they tore my Piedmont Airlines license plate off the front. BOY OH BOY THAT REALLY ANGERED ME! I made them retrieve the plate and fortunately it was not bent or damaged! Piedmont Airlines memorabilia is precious to those of us who were employees of a once CUSTOMER FRIENDLY AND CARING AIRLINE TOM DAVIS FOUNDED! I have noticed their management (if you can identify them by that term) has a very lackadaisical attitude! I asked " Why have you raised your prices so high which amounts to a 36% increase?" The gentlemen said " Well, it is because of these large SUV's." I said, "My car is a ten foot long Scion XA (sub compact) and why does your company charge me the same rate for a SUV that is much much larger and more time consuming? He just responded with a slight grunt! I told him IT WOULD BE ONLY FAIR TO ADJUST YOUR PRICES categorically per the type and size of your customer's vehicle!!!!!!!! He could have cared less! I also had streaks on the glass and they missed one wheel with the tire dressing! I was in a rush, however I did let the chief (without a name identifier on his shirt) know I wish I had not put a four dollar tip on my credit card receipt and you will never see this vehicle here again or at any other satellite business! I even had to stop down at Lowe's hardware and finish drying the car to prevent water spots myself! I will be in touch with corporate tomorrow! This type of sloppy service is normally the result a simple thing called GREED! The corporate suits and omnipotent ladies wearing pant suits (not a dress) most likely are making sure their wallets and purses are full of cash and simply treat their bread and butter employees like peons! They will be eating spam sandwiches soon because what goes around comes around and the Lord detests unequal weights and measurements! If you are happy with Street Cars so be it! I am going to either do it myself or run around the corner to Auto Bell! In short, if you do not take care of your employees (the foundation of your company) they will in time put your bottom line in red ink! I do hope you take this seriously and mend your methods! Sincerely G Powell

  • I have an unlimited external wash membership and I usually go to the l... read more I have an unlimited external wash membership and I usually go to the location on New Garden. Since the Market Street location is close to my job, I thought awesome I have another location to go to. WRONG!! I upgraded my unlimited wash to the 19.99 special, they did not touch the inside of my vehicle, except to vacuum and the outside was spotty. Im going to the New Garden location tomorrow to have it done right. What a waste of $12.

  • I've had the same mechanic for 10 years. Recently, they changed manag... read more I've had the same mechanic for 10 years. Recently, they changed management and when that happened - all of my familiar guys went their separate ways. I gave the new guys a chance and they failed me when they told me I needed an unnecessary $250 repair to change the transmission fluid. My car has only 60k miles on it. I didn't buy what they were selling and did some research about mechanics closer to my job. Someone mentioned Jeff's. I thought, ok - I'll give them a chance with my next oil change. Before I could schedule that job - my ENGINE LIGHT CAME ON! I pulled into Jeff's - asked them to check it out and they told me exactly what the problem was and charged me what was a fair and reasonable amount. To add - I didn't even need the job my prior mechanic told me I did. It was something a bit more serious that needed to be addressed. The cost to fix the actual problem, was LESS! That's what I expect, honesty from my mechanic - something that many say it's hard to find. I found a winner and I would recommend Jeff's BP to anyone that asks.

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