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Auto Reviews in the Greensboro Area

  • The shop put new tires on my vehicle but scratched up my rims...all fo... read more The shop put new tires on my vehicle but scratched up my rims...all four of them. When I noticed the damage before I left, they were more than willing to make right wrong. Took vehicle back and they had a rim repair man to try to fix rims....but still scratched up. Informed them that I was not happy with the outcome and was told they did all they were going to do, sorry for the inconvenience. Please check your rims if you had tires changed or new tires put on. They knew they didn't have proper equipment to change tires but they continued to scratched customers rims. I had service done on August 15, 2016. CHECK YOUR RIMS if they did anything with your tires!!!!

  • TarareviewedCiti Tint & Custom

    I visited this shop because they had a $99 tint sign up! When I got i... read more I visited this shop because they had a $99 tint sign up! When I got inside the $99 no longer applied! I was quoted $129.00 and a cheaper price if I paid cash. My final bill was $160.00 the difference was supposed to be for the darkest tint....I only received 35%. I have a legal tint waiver that allows me to go darker than normal, which comes with a sticker from the state that must be applied between the tint and the windshield. When I showed this to Marc he was like I don't need that! So I did not pursue getting my windows tinted because he seemed a little thrown off and slow! They always seemed to be backed up, and behind. They called me on a Sunday and said they could do my car because they were caught up and had the darkest tint so I tried it. Both were very nice until I gave my money up! I used the front door, after I paid I had to walk through the dog poop,dirt and dust. Some customer service! When I got my car back it had footprints throughout the car all over the seats, back seat back of front seat, water runs running down every part of my car, no clean up! Had my car detailed at the infinity shop the day prior when I got it back it looked like someone had been doing burnouts on a dirt road. A thick film of gray dusty smoke that took 2 drive through washes to clear up but not clean, which is how I found out that my drivers window seal had been cut now water comes through my car when I go through the car wash, or when it rains. After the dirt was cleared off my car I noticed the windows had several razor cuts on the outside of my drivers window. They don't come from the Chevrolet place like that! It wasn't that way before I took it to Shitty Tint either. The door and window seal was broken in several places on the drivers side like a grown person tried sliding out the door. I could not use the air for a while because my car had an awful stinch, smelled like a grown mans stinky feet I would assume because all the men I know bathe regularly. I went back several times after they agreed to fix my car, sat and tried to teach the wife how to sew and repair her sewing machine. Fixed the machine the rest is still work in progress, or should I say needs work but there's no progress. Maybe I'll get one of my students to teach her how to sew! She's so smart!!! Tried to sell a cheesy panthers apron (After they lost) for $50...who does that? ($12 tops made by a person that can sew and is not too lazy to hem it instead of using a serger) The last time I took my car to their shop it sat from 9am-8pm untouched. Jacky the owner requested to take my car home with her and they would get to it the next day. YOU HAD ONE JOB! TINT, and it was wrong! Now you want to borrow my car, Hell NAW! Bye Felicia! What business does that? Won't have my car hot after she consistently bragged about "self medicating"! I'm not judging self mediators but drive and wreck your own shit! I'll pass on that! After she wanted to drive my car I realized she wasn't dealing with a full deck all bets were off and I need to try to re-coop my funds. Marc had no intentions of fixing my car because he didn't know how. When I asked for half of my money back she had the audacity to get fresh at the mouth! What she do that for, chick lets do lunch at the court house! I sued and won. Never plan to see the money because they can't afford to cut the air on the whole shop smells like microwaved dog poo! She was whining to the judge "she can't sue me I'm a incorporation" You can be sued, I did sue you, I won and that's kind of stupid to say when you're already in court. If you couldn't be sued you wouldn't have been served! To top everything off, I had to delay renovations at home to go to court get home tell the contractor about the court case, why did he finish the company name before I got a chance to complete the name! They got him also on a paint job, cracked his dash, took parts off his car, the list goes on!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE! IT IS A COMPLETE RIP OFF!

  • JadereviewedCiti Tint & Custom

    Paid for a stereo system $500 plus free tint waste of money tint was d... read more Paid for a stereo system $500 plus free tint waste of money tint was different colors each window it was fade and purple bubbles and edges was cut poorly look like Helen Keller did the windows System I found out was a used amp from a pawn shop with recycle old speakers from someone else's car. Radio did not look new knob fell off when I got home that's how I realize how this shoe maker idiots work knob was glued on cd didn't play they also broke dash and left a bad cheese doodle smell in my vehicle scratch the interior and deny it. Come to find out they been ripping people off for years please do not take your vehicle ,bicycle or sneakers to this place worst shop I ever been to . They will use your car to practice they have no skills at anything except destroying your vehicle

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