a better way to earn new customers and retain existing customers.

Let us show you what makes Mechanic Advisor the platform of choice for repair shops of all sizes. Simple to use and easy to integrate.

Explore some of the many features within our platform

Telematics / Mobile App

Automated CRM

Online Advertising

Appointment Scheduling

Text Messaging

Postcard Mailing

Reach valuable customers

Since 2006, we have helped drivers find the best local auto repair shop in their area. With our advertising service your business will be found via many different queries on search engines, bringing in more new customers each and every month.

stay connected

With our OBD-II telematics device, you'll have direct, inside knowledge of your customer's vehicles. If an engine code fires in their car, both of you will receive a real-time notification of what the exact issue is, helping you keep on top of major problems, and reaching out to them when they truly need it.

Alert customers when it matters

In our robust CRM software combined with the telematics device, you'll see exactly when your customers are due for oil changes, brake checks, and more. Remind them either through email or text messaging exactly what they need and alert them if their vehicle has a serious issue. No wasted outreach for you, no unnecessary notifications for them. It's win win.

easy integration with other management systems

If you already have a shop management system, that's great! We can easily extract valuable customer data from almost all existing platforms and integrate it with our CRM system, saving you time and money.

supported shop management systems
  • AllData Local Version
  • Andreoli
  • ASATireMaster
  • AutoBiz
  • AutoData
  • Autos2000
  • AutoTrackerPlus
  • BayMaster
  • Carrus
  • Costar
  • CounterControl
  • EZRO
  • FastTrack
  • GarageOperator
  • GoodYearGBMS
  • Invomax
  • Invomax_NG
  • Lankar
  • Maddenco
  • ManagerSE
  • MaxxTraxxCE
  • Meineke
  • Mitchell1
  • Mitchell1 Enterprise Pro
  • NapaTracs
  • Navex
  • Omnique
  • Pace
  • Posilube
  • Protractor
  • RepairShopDirector
  • ROWriter
  • ServiceWriter
  • ShopController
  • SuperFred
  • TireShop
  • VastSQL
  • WinWorks