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Auto Reviews in the Coventry Area

  • Rebello Automotive is a sneaky automotive repair facility that damaged... read more Rebello Automotive is a sneaky automotive repair facility that damaged my vehicle. In addition to the damage, Rebello Automotive removed the broken part they broke and hid among them. Initially my vehicle which is a show vehicle was taken in to have the OBD (Onboard Diagnostics) read to flash a code to determine the SES (Service Engine Soon Light being lit. They could not access the code via the prom so Rebello stated they could get in another way which they would not elaborate on. After nearly 45 minutes, Mike stated the throttle position sensor was unplugged ( I believe a code 21). Upon initially calling Rebello Automotive, Mike stated there would be no charge to read the fault codes on the OBD. When finished, I asked,” What did you do”? Mike stated, “I can’t tell you that”. Upon further consultation, Mike told me the throttle position sensor was unplugged. He said you’re all set. I said, “Do I owe anything”? Mike laughed and said, “Fifty-two eighty”. I said for what. Mike stated for fixing the problem I gave no authorization to perform any repairs without being notified first as is the case with all dealerships. More so, I can fully corroborate verbatim the call which was logged. When I told Mike that, he said take your business elsewhere, “You’re not welcome here”. I refused to pay a thief and liar anything. To find out, Rebello also broke the armature on the power seat motor, stated above and took the broken part whereas there would be no evidence. This is a show vehicle being the lead vehicle in the 100th Anniversary Oldsmobile Celebration in Lansing, Michigan 1997. We would not at all recommend this automotive shop which tries to trap the unsuspecting. These are very devious people who plot each day to dupe the people, especially the women. * I filed a complaint to the Attorney General on December b2, 2016; the day the damage was caused by Rebello Automotive. Rebeelo’s mechanic moved the seat in the rearward position to gain more access to the prom, however the mechanic broke the ‘seat couple’ located bon the armature shaft. They made no mention of this to me as I know every nut and bolt on my vehicle, purchasing new from Scarpetti Oldsmobile. I wish to be compensated in the amount of one-thousand dollars. Parts are no longer available for the aforesaid vehicle (1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham) as this aspect is detrimental to the cost of the vehicle. More so, the seat is stuck in the far back position whereby the mechanic moved the seat and broke the seat couple. * Audio logs can fully substantiate verbatim the conversation prior to going to Rebello Automotive. Link of vehicle is below:

  • I just had the clutch repaired on my 1974 MG Midget at Ron's transmiss... read more I just had the clutch repaired on my 1974 MG Midget at Ron's transmission. He took the time to figure out the exact problem, ordered the correct parts and fixed the issue without a full clutch rebuild/replace. I was thrilled with his expert analysis of the situation to repair my car without pulling the engine, which would have been an expensive procedure. Ron and Paula provided quality service at a reasonable price, and I would certainly return.

  • We recently had work done at Ron's transmission and were very happy wi... read more We recently had work done at Ron's transmission and were very happy with the results. Our Jeep Liberty now runs great and is driving like new again. Thanks to Ron's Transmission in Norton. Paul B. -Norton, MA

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