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Motorcycle Reviews in the Kingsport Area

  • QuentinreviewedKingsport Cycles LLC

    They guys did a great job. I was so dissappointed with the Yamaha dea... read more They guys did a great job. I was so dissappointed with the Yamaha dealer out in Bristol. Being a fairly new motorcyle owner I am rather clueless about motorcycle service and how things are done, but come on, if it don't sound right or feel right, it's probably not right. I picked up a nail in the rear tire of my 2006 Yamaha Stratoliner S last week. I was able to put a strip patch in it, but it still had a slow leak. Since the tire had about 7000 miles on it I figured it was not big deal to get a new one. Trying to save a few bucks, I did some research on the internet and decided to order the tire from the internet. When it came in, I called the Bristol Yamaha dealership to have it put on. They told me that they couldn't install the tire because I didn't purchase the tire from them. I just couldn't figure that out. The only manufacturer that makes the rear tire to fit the Stratoliner is Bridgestone. So it would have been the exact same tire I ordered. The only thing I can figure is that they would have marked up the price of the tire if I purchased it through them. So here I sit with a Yamaha motorcylce and a Yamaha motorcylce dealer that won't work on my bike. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE YAMAHA. So I called Kingsport Cycles (Who don't even sell Yamaha's). They said that they would be glad to help me out. Not only did they get me right in, they were also far cheaper then Yamaha. Plus they informed me that they could have saved me $20 if I would have let them get the tire for me. Good to know for next time. They were really friendly and said they would be glad to help me out with the routine service in the future. Guess what Yamaha? You lost me as a customer. Love your motorcycle, but your service policies are terrible. I won't be going to yamaha again for anything. Thanks Kingsport Cycles LLC...

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