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Auto Reviews in the Knoxville Area

  • My family and I were from out of town visiting Pigeon Forge for the we... read more My family and I were from out of town visiting Pigeon Forge for the week. I suddenly had problems with my 2009 Nissan Rogue where it wasn't wanting to back up. I thought it was the transmission and called D&S Auto. They immediately looked at it, ran diagnostics on it, and took it for a test drive. The problem I was having seemed to have worked itself out, but in the meantime the diagnostics showed my brake lights weren't working. They fixed that for me. When I asked how much I owed them, they said just give them a good review. I am very happy to do that, as they were so kind and helpful and HONEST. They could have taken advantage of a woman who doesn't know much about cars and was from out of town, but they didn't and I really appreciate them! They deserve your business!

  • What a friendly neighborhood shop. Came their after was told I needed ... read more What a friendly neighborhood shop. Came their after was told I needed a complete transmission from another shop up the road. So I was already hesitant on what shops can do. So I met the owner James there on a Monday morning and he had is mechanics look at it. Sure enough Joe found a pressure sensor bad on my car. So James recommended to change it out with a new one. So I told James to go ahead, within the hour my car was fixed and ready to go. They changed out the fluid and serviced the transmission and its been running good since. I will give them A+ IN SATISFACTION AND WILL RETURN IN THE FUTURE. Thanks, Mary Margaret

  • MonikareviewedJones Automotive Inc.

    THERE ARE STILL GOOD, HONEST MECHANICS OUT THERE! The service that we ... read more THERE ARE STILL GOOD, HONEST MECHANICS OUT THERE! The service that we received during our visit to Jones Automotive was outstanding. David was the name of who we dealt with and he did an amazing job at handling our situation. We were driving through Tennessee on our way to Atlanta (and then onto Miami) from Michigan when our Jeep developed an intermittent shake coupled with the check engine light. We stopped in here to get an assessment of the problem, thinking that originally it may have been bad gas since the problem showed up right after a fill up. They pulled the code and took a look at the vehicle, they were able to determine the likely problem and also noticed the jeep was a quart low in oil. They told us, while the problem was important to fix, in their opinion we could still safely complete our trip to Atlanta that night and likely to Miami should we so choose. While he was confident that they would have been able to fix it, he didn't want us to be stranded so far away from our destination. He instead suggested we find a dealership to take it to as their turnover would likely be much quicker. When all was said and done they didn't charge us a dime for the assessment or the quart of oil they put in the jeep. Their honesty and excellent customer service was immensely appreciated, especially being so far from home. It is easy for shops like this to take advantage of out of state customers and we are so grateful that they did not. This experience is in stark contrast to the one we had in Delray Beach, FL after this, in which the shop did try to pull one over on us. We told the second shop what we were told at Jones Automotive. They ignored this and gave us a quote of over $4,000 for a completely different problem. The end result is that we shipped the car back to Michigan, had it assessed up here for the third time at a local dealership, where we were told the problem matched the original one we were told at Jones Automotive. Had we not stopped here first and had them look at the car, we likely would have believed the shop in FL and paid the outrageous price, but because of the honesty of Jones Automotive, our doubts in the second shop lead us to a savings of nearly $3,000 which includes the cost of shipping the car. Thank you so much again for helping us out when we really needed it, you guys are good people!

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