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  • Dillan
    Andalusia, AL
    Ok so when I bought my truck the owner told me that when it hit a certain gear it would jump a little and spit and sputter. Told me this was because it needed a new throttle positioning sensor, so lat...
    2007 Chevy Silverado | answers (0)
  • andrew
    I was thinking about switching my 4.7 to a 5.4 in my ford f150 1997, if I do what all would I have to change to make it work ?and would a 5.4 give me a better gas mileage? because my truck is on 39.5x...
    1997 Ford F-250 | answers (0)
  • John
    Niagara Falls, NY
    RightTrack vs 2003 GMC Safari
    Could a RightTrack device that is inserted into the diagnostic 'outlet' be the cause of the next morning when attempting to start the 2003 GMC Safari it did not start? Mechanic confirmed it was NOT a ...
    2003 Gmc Sierra | answers (0)
  • Juan
    Goodyear, AZ
    Fuel System
    While driving, the Jeep hesitates while shifting gears between 2000 rpm's and 2500 rpm's. The engine sputters as if the fuel is being restricted. However, once the Jeep is in 5th gear it seems to run ...
    2000 Jeep Wrangler | answers (0)
  • Melissa
    Westmoreland, TN
    Clicking sound
    When I press on the pedal I hear what seems like a clicking or ticking sound seems to come from the rear
    1996 Gmc C/K 1500 | answers (0)
  • james
    2012 Chevy Colorado | answers (0)
  • james
    2012 Chevy Colorado | answers (0)
  • Jerimiah
    Orlando, FL
    Engine knocking
    I can hear a knocking sound coming from the motor. It sounds like a tick tick tick in direct relation to the rpms. After trying to pinpoint the source it seems to be coming from above the bell housing...
    2003 Chevy Silverado | answers (0)
  • John
    Blowing fuses
    What could be the cause for the starter solenoid circuit to be blowing a fuse. It's happened twice in the last 2 months. I've replaced it and and we're back on the road again. Have an idea of what I m...
    2005 Dodge Dakota | answers (0)
  • Chris
    Quakertown, PA
    Motor swapping
    I have a 98 chevy silverado 1500 with a 350v8 in it and it is stock. I was planning on doing a swap with a new old style 454 big block, like a 1970 chevelle 454. I am wondering if that is going be too...
    1998 Chevy C/K 1500 | answers (0)