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Auto Reviews in the Houston Area

  • JAKEreviewedM Power Motorhouse

    Best prices and customer service in town.

  • MarkeithreviewedM Power Motorhouse

    This shop has been taking care of me since it has opened its doors. I... read more This shop has been taking care of me since it has opened its doors. I will always do business with them. They always do an amazing job for me !!!

  • ShelbyreviewedM Power Motorhouse

    Took my 2005 Tahoe there on Friday to have a rattle noise diagnosed an... read more Took my 2005 Tahoe there on Friday to have a rattle noise diagnosed and fixed. We took it in and they charged us $582 in repairs, yet the car sounds Exactly the same as when I dropped it off. I picked this place based off of the reviews on this site, as well as the fact that they advertise "Home of the FREE Diagnostics." - WRONG!! They charged $85 for diagnostics. They told me the problem was a Pitman arm and an Idler arm. So I paid the $582 for the repair, only to have the car sound EXACTLY the same as when I dropped it off. So we took it back that same day we picked it up (Sat), and my husband drove the car with Miguel in it so he could hear it the noise. Miguel lied, and said that the car wasn't making the noise when they test drove it. . . . There's no way the noise stopped just for their post repair "test drive." Miguel said to bring it back, since it was Saturday and they were closing, and he'd figure out what the rattle was. I took it back today (Tues) and sat for 3 hours (with my three kids 6,4,2) while they attempted to re-diagnose the original problem. They finally came back and had a lot of excuses such as, "it's a really old car, it's worn out, etc. But we think it may be the left strut." For another $240 and 2 more hours, they offered to repair it. I left and said I'd talk to my husband about it. My husband had me ask that they adjust the Pitman arm (that they replaced) b/c the steering wheel is now crooked. It points to 11:00 when you're driving straight (instead of 12:00). They told me pitman arms can't be adjusted. After calling my husband at work as well as my dad, and a chevy dealer, I find out that's a lie, Pitman arms CAN be adjusted, they just didn't want to do it. This place has NO integrity. They were perfectly fine with charging me $582 in parts and labor, and the problem being no better than when I brought it in. So much for a "diagnosis." When their diagnosis is wrong, they just want to start throwing parts on (at your expense) until they get it right. The dealer may be more expensive, but I'm finding out its worth it. At least when they're wrong on the diagnosis, they eat some of their labor costs. This place offered nothing. The front receptionist is the very best thing about this place. She was professional and very knowledgable. Her professionalism *a

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