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Boat Reviews in the Port Arthur Area

  • HannahreviewedCircle D Boats

    I feel like I am a pretty understanding person. I understand rules, an... read more I feel like I am a pretty understanding person. I understand rules, and how to follow them...I also understand GOOD business practice. In my opinion this is place does NOT pride themselves in proper business etiquette. My husband and I were interested in purchasing a used boat from them yesterday, we then gave them $100 as a deposit....we then left, never signing any kind of binding contract. Things then fell through with our plans, and we decided to back out. We called Circle D Boats first thing this morning letting them know we are no longer purchasing the boat, in which they informed us we would not be receiving our $100 deposit back. Long story short; this "business" scammed $100 off a potential future customer. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB, researching my rights as a customer, and would urge anyone not to put money in the pockets of these crooks. I'm not sure how a "honest business man" could sleep at night, with this on his conscience. After all according to their website..."Circle D Boats is locally owned and operated and the #1 service center in Southeast Texas since 1987. Rely on us for outstanding customer service." I am having some issues with that last is very conflicting with my experience at Circle D Boats.

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