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Truck Reviews in the Virginia Beach Area

  • THIS WAS THE FIRST AND LAST TIME I EVER GO TO KINGS GRANT EXXON. My el... read more THIS WAS THE FIRST AND LAST TIME I EVER GO TO KINGS GRANT EXXON. My electric cooling fan engaged when I first started my Jeep in the morning. This shouldn't happen. The fan should only engage when the coolant reaches about 200 degrees. The indicator light lit up on my dashboard. I took my Jeep up to the Exxon, I explained to them what happened and I would like a cost to fix it. I also told them it was probably just the sensor. A couple of hours later a mechanic called and said it would cost approx. $800.00 to fix my Jeep. I told him that was a outrageous price, don't fix it, I will pick up my Jeep in a little while. When I got there and asked for my key they said I had to pay $90.00 for a diagnostic charge. They never told me that it would cost $90.00 for a Diagnostic charge. So I paid the $90.00 in order to get my keys back from them. I went to Auto Zone and Auto Zone plugged their computer into my Jeep computer and said my cooling sensor was bad and needed to be replaced. Auto Zone didn't charge me for the diagnostic service. They told me the part will cost $15.00. I bought the part, went home and installed it. It took me 10 minutes to change out the sensor. My Jeep is running great and the indicator light is off.

  • I just had my car inspected on June 25, 2015 and knew that it would no... read more I just had my car inspected on June 25, 2015 and knew that it would not be an issue passing because of my up-keep. The front desk called and informed me that my car was ready. I went by there 40 minutes later and noticed my car was backed into one of their parking spaces. I paid for the inspection and stepped into my car. The radio was on, the air condition was blowing hot air, the car was in reverse and the engine was running!!! I was lucky that the car did not run my feet over because it was in reverse. I could not put it in park so I turned it off. I went back inside to ask who parked it and explained what happened. The front desk sent a mechanic over to my car. He started it back up and apologized and stated that he would let them know that it happened. He acted like he did not know who parked it??? This was a very dangerous situation and I am very lucky nothing happened to my car and myself besides losing a lot of gas while it had been running for at least 40 minutes. No, they did not reimburse me for the gas they wasted. If I was the owner, I would have had the decency to come out and make this situation right!

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