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Auto Reviews in the Cape Coral Area

  • Craig MreviewedKarr Automotive

    This is the place to take your vehicle. Really. I had no idea where to... read more This is the place to take your vehicle. Really. I had no idea where to go when my BMW's computers shut down several weeks ago, other than the costly service dept at the BMW dealer. The alternator and battery, which ended up being the root cause, also gave up the ghost at the same time. As did the coolant reservoir. Most everything is packed into the engine compartment and takes many hours to diagnose, remove, and replace. Not to mention the cost of the parts. I received open ended estimates from the BMW dealer in Fort Myers as well as an independent shop. It was pretty bleak and little hope was offered regarding the health of the computer system in the car. The projected repair costs were in the multi thousands. A neighbor suggested I call Kellyn at Karr Automotive. I did and he spent quality time with me listening to the problems. Along with the computer shutting down and dead battery, I mentioned that there was also a loud rattling and that the car has seemed sluggish since I purchased (the just out of warranty) car several years ago. No shops had been able to figure that out and I just lived with bad performance. I mentioned that the dealer suggested the main computer and specialized software were the problem, and needed other expensive diagnostic testing. Kellyn didn't think so and said to bring it in and he'd figure the situation out. I had it flatbedded to Karr Automotive the next day. Surprisingly Kellyn had researched all the issues before I got there and went right to work on the car. When I picked it up a few days later I was amazed at how well the car ran! No more rattle, no more sluggishness. It was like a new car and fun to drive! He'd also ended up replacing the water pump and found failed seals in the crankcase vent valves. The internal pressure in the engine was compounding on itself and causing the sluggishness. Wow, what difference! And the bill? It was about 5 times less expensive than I'd been quoted from the BMW dealer. And they didn't even know about the other items he found and fixed. And it certainly didn't need a new computer or software as had been promoted by the dealer. After I picked it up, I drove it to the Keys the next day. It ran like a top! Love it again! This has been long winded, but I really wanted to speak to the thoroughness of Karr Automotive's attention to my car and how they researched the entire group of problems and fixed the issues completely. Any mechanic can put in a water pump or plug in a new computer unit. Kellyn put in the extra effort to solve the issue as a whole, rather than piece by piece. Lastly, people are often deceived by auto mechanics pretending to listen and who then hand them a large bill surprise at pickup time. You will find Karr Automotive an honest, respectful, and attentive repair facility for any type of vehicle. 5 stars in my book for sure.

  • StevenreviewedKarr Automotive

    Kellyn is the most honest mechanic I have ever met and I feel confiden... read more Kellyn is the most honest mechanic I have ever met and I feel confident having him take care of all my vehicles. His expertise is unmatched, and he has always completed everything on time and on budget for me. I trust his work enough to let my family drive on it every single day. Look no further, this should be your mechanic.

  • They were a breath of fresh air and answered all my questions honestly... read more They were a breath of fresh air and answered all my questions honestly which made me feel extremely comfortable and confident with this shop!! My car was done on time as premises and looked better than new. Local owned and operated - trust me and give them your business because it's the best quality I've ever seem locally .

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