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Auto Reviews in the Crawfordville Area

  • BrigettereviewedPep Boys

    Mechanics don't know what their doing! My son took his car here due to... read more Mechanics don't know what their doing! My son took his car here due to a noise in the rear. He was told the wheel bearings were making noise. He picked up his car, crossed town and the noise was back.... He took it back and they tried telling him it was now the timing belt that was the problem. Luckily he read their BS and left. Took it to another mechanic and the PROBLEM was the DRIVESHAFT U JOINTS!!!!!! Any 1st year auto technician should have been able to know what the problem was by just listening to the noise!!! Spoke to the manager, this was a $500.00 error that they refused to fix. They took total advantage of a poor College kid!

  • I can not recommend Honest Engines to anyone, at all, ever. I took my ... read more I can not recommend Honest Engines to anyone, at all, ever. I took my car in because it was leaking coolant, and would run a little hot. Eric initially could not figure out the leak, but noticed my fans weren't coming on which was most likely causing the overheating problem. I agreed and after four weeks, got my car back with the fans rewired. Well the rewiring job was shoddy, and immediately caused electrical problems in my car. I experienced it shutting off while I was driving, all kinds of dash lights coming on (or not turning off) and my speedometer and odometer no longer worked. None of which was occurring before I brought it in. I took it back and let him know what I had been experiencing, and he promised to make it right. I was also able to make my car leak coolant at his shop on this trip, which he agreed to investigate. He held onto my car for another 3 weeks. He was able to figure out where the coolant was coming from, but nothing else had been done to my car in that time. After getting a little tired of not having my own car, I called to ask if my car was driveable so I could square up with him and take it home. He told me it was. When I arrived to get my car however it turns out that the fans were completely taken out, and he didn't know where they were. So I asked if I could just call the next day, and perhaps pick it up when he had found and installed them. He said yes. Next day came, and he had found the fans, but did not have them installed. At this point I was kind of over it, and just asked him what I have to do to get these things installed so that I can take my car. He told me to come by the next day so he could walk me through the process. I told him that I felt like he had already wasted a significant amount of my time, and frankly I had responsibilities I needed to tend to the next day. He seemed offended and offered that if I wanted to just take my car and purchase the wiring kit from him I could wire it myself. I then told him I had already given him money for the initial rewiring that had caused the electrical problems, and if I were going to wire it myself, he should just give me the wiring kit at this point. He then suggested that people “looking for freebies” like me are the reason he is broke. I told him I felt like I was getting screwed and proceeded to walk out to have my ride take me home. I got my car back the next day (with the fans wired—though not with the wiring kit) and didn't give him any more money. My speedometer and odometer still do not work and I am short one washer fluid reservoir after almost 2 months of my car being at Honest Engines. I would actively discourage anyone from patronizing this “business.”

  • Honest and dependable! I found Capital City Auto Repair after a "car ... read more Honest and dependable! I found Capital City Auto Repair after a "car emergency" that required me to find a repair shop in a hurry. I am so glad that Capital City Auto Repair was there. They did a great job on my car, and the work was done efficiently and in a timely manner. The price can't be beat! I am very satisfied with Capital City Auto Repair and will definitely use them again the next time my car needs maintenance or repair.

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