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  • I really dont want to rate it at all but if I have to "One Star". I dr... read more I really dont want to rate it at all but if I have to "One Star". I drove in and parked in the service lane. Not one person came up to my car they just looked.When I got out this guy comes up to me and Im letting him know that I have warranty but he wasnt even paying attention.So my kids and I go inside and its only 1 person in the room and then there are 3 more and u know how that goes they come and go and then the cycle repeats itself. It took about 2 1/2 hours just for someone to come tell me that nothing was wrong with the A/C and they just put freon in it and its fine. Mind you I have receipts showing that I have had freon put in the Jeep twice within the last week and by the time we got up the next day it was blowing hot again. That in itself was expensive when ur paying for it just to be put in your car. The last place only charged me $18 because he noticed it was a leak and he didnt want to mess up my warranty so he told me to take it to the dealership.Took it and they told me to come back on Monday. Hint to the fact why i was here today. This guy presents me with a bill of $185.00 for doing the same thing that the other company had just done on Friday and tells me that they couldnt find a leak..Someone please tell me why Ive had freon placed in my car twice and here we are a third time within a week to do it again and they are telling me there is no leak..I was so angry. It makes worse when you know you are going to have to come back again and they are going to have to refund you because it is obvious that there is a problem..UPSET CUSTOMER...

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