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Auto Reviews in the Brockton Area

  • EvareviewedYourMechanic

    $19 dollar for an oil change? Not bad! A mechanic that will come to ... read more $19 dollar for an oil change? Not bad! A mechanic that will come to YOU at YOUR convenience? Yes yes yes! I recently purchased a $19 dollar Groupon for an oil change and was able to set up an appointment with them online for the the next morning. The mechanic, John, called half an hour prior to the appointment for confirmation and the oil change was completed in roughly 25 minutes. The only thing was that John was half an hour late due to him needing to stay a bit longer for the previous appointment that he had. But nevertheless, it was still a great experience and a great deal. Eva Y

  • Top quality shop. Fantastic service and affordable prices

  • MelaniereviewedFactory Auto Service

    t is with pleasure that I write this review on behalf of my myself and... read more t is with pleasure that I write this review on behalf of my myself and husband. We have been using Factory Auto Service for a few years now and have no complaints. We are pleased with the service that we receive. We have an Acura and Civic and this company have done a great job with the repairs and maintenance. Some issues that we've had in the past weren't sufficiently assessed and repaired properly by other service providers. However, now that this company is our premier auto mechanic provider, those issues are now of the past. The owner is very polished and knowledgeable about automobiles. He takes the time to educate his clients which we appreciate very much. When our car is being serviced by the company, we are confident that they will be able to address the issue with precision and ensure that safety is a priority! They always successfully diagnose and complete the repairs and within a reasonable timeframe. We are always pleased with their services, which prompts us to be return customers. Interaction with them is easy as we are presented with options which makes it convenient for us as consumers. The owner makes us feel included, making our interactions very productive since he ensures that we have the final say in the decision. At the end of each service visit, the owner takes the time to orally provide a concrete report about all that took place and possibly any additional findings outside of the original scope of work that may require future attention. However, if while working on the vehicles, and they come across something that requires immediate attention and safety is a factor, the owner will personally contact us to review those findings with us. A notable strength of the company is their ability to be efficient and prompt! I am convinced that anyone who utilizes their service will be satisfied. -Melanie

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