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Auto Reviews in the Ypsilanti Area

  • georgiareviewedAmazin Auto Repair

    This was the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER in dealing with this double talking... read more This was the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER in dealing with this double talking, ill equipped, back alley auto repair facility owner perpetrating as a businessman! A.T. had my Chevy SS for nearly 5 weeks for a transmission and AC repair and ended up bilking the warranty company out of thousands of dollars. Every week he 'mysteriously' FOUND a different problem when the only REAL problem I had was with the transmission and the AC. The power steering had to be replaced, although it was turning JUST FINE before the diferrential went out in the transmission; the rack and pinion had to be replaced because HE said it was leaking, and the AC, although he replaced the compressor, STILL doesn't work because it needs a condenser, yet ANOTHER part conveniently covered under the warranty. The throttle body and Stabilitrak had just been serviced 3 months ago at another shop, but is now BACK ON, NOT COVERED under the warranty, THEY don't know HOW TO FIX IT, and REFUSED TO PAY FOR IT when it was damaged installing the power steering pump! AT tried to double talk me and tell me that the steering angle sensor was nowhere NEAR the pump installed but it's right near it, hence the name 'STEERING ANGLE SENSOR'!!! AT took it to a dealer (his friend) to cover his butt, in his OWN words, because he, I guess, didn't believe me when I TOLD THEM what the problem was because it had JUST BEEN SERVICED and that I had NO problem whatsoever with it until they put a power steering pump in. Since it wasn't covered under the warranty, he pretty much said, "We didn't do it, you'll have to take it back to where you got it serviced in the first place." What a jerk! A.T. even attempted to "make a deal" with me and my husband, stating that if we paid an additional $250.00, that he could get a NEW transmission part with a 2 year warranty, because the warranty company would only pay for a remanufactured one with a 6 month warranty, which was a LIE! What he did NOT know was that the warranty company had already called us and TOLD us that they were paying for a NEW one, so he tried to charge us for the very same NEW PART that the warranty company had already paid for! AT tried to collect a deductible three times when there is only one per visit, and at the end, had the AUDACITY to tell me that my BEARINGS were bad and needed replacing!!! As if I would EVER allow them to touch that truck again!!! I could go on and on but I won't. A.T. is SHADY and unethical with a twist of greed and will not answer his phone if you have a problem with him or their "workmanship". He has no knowledge of how to fix a Trailblazer SS and is an overall MESS. I have since picked up my truck and it will be taken to yet ANOTHER shop to fix the AC and the steering angle sensor, which I unfortunately will have to PAY for AGAIN! He typed up another set of papers and refused to give me my originals back, because I'm sure he realizes that this will ABSOLUTELY end up in court!. It's not so much about the money for the repair of something HE caused, it is simply about integrity, character, and principle. If a negative 1 star were at ALL possible, Amazin' Auto would receive that honor! The name suits the shop; it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZIN' that it's still in business!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • ChrisreviewedDavis Auto Care

    Trustworthy auto-care isn't easy to find, unless you're in Northville ... read more Trustworthy auto-care isn't easy to find, unless you're in Northville it seems. Chris Myers

  • RoderickreviewedAmazin Auto Repair

    Good service--friendly and knowledgible owner. Would recommend

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