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Auto Reviews in the Elk River Area

  • I drove my F150 in for an ignition coil replacement, oil change, tire ... read more I drove my F150 in for an ignition coil replacement, oil change, tire rotation and battery cleaning. I left the next day with a truck leaking anti-freeze, that Precision Tune refuses to take responsibility for and having to get my truck towed to another shop. $725 repair job for a hose that requires a lot of hours to replace. For those that don't know, to swap the ignition coils is pretty basic and straight forward, just changing out the coil packs on top the spark plugs. I was going to change these myself, but I had thrown my back out early in the day so I asked the manager (Steve Tiebel) who helped me at the counter, how much to install them for me. He said about $200, I said ok, little much but just get it done please. Later that day the owner (Troy Crank) of the shop calls me and says that Steve had misquoted me. He says, "We need to charge you an extra $35-$40 since you didn't buy the parts from us." I said "don't worry about it then, I will just take care of them", and he replies, "Jeff it's an extra $35 bucks, this is how we make money." I said, "I don't care, it's too much, don't worry about it” And he says, "Fine, I will waive it this time and I hope you're happy." Ok then, you know? Name your price, what game are we playing here? So the day ends and I go to pick up my truck, they called me 15 minutes before closing, even though the truck had been there all day. Pay them, said everything is good and ready to go. I get in my truck to leave and I start to smell anti-freeze, I am thinking it's just smell from the shop I am sure. I don't even get a block down the road and my truck has smoke coming out of the hood. I stop and lift the hood and there's anti-freeze sprayed all over, I turn around and head instantly back to the shop. Steve still there pulls the truck back into the garage to have a look and says it is too hot right now; we will have to look at it tomorrow, take our loaner car. I am thinking good, they are going to take care of whatever mistake they made, even though they shouldn't have touched anything to do with my cooling system, remember this was for and oil change, coil swap, tire rotation and battery cleaning. Well Steve calls me the next day; I still have his voice mail saved and recordings of our conversations to follow. He tells me the "Bypass Coolant hose" has rusted out and has a leak, what a better place to break down at our shop; we can fix it for $725. I said wait, the leak is coming from the same location as where you changed out one of my coils, what a coincidence? And what the hose just rusted through while at your shop that day? Come on man. I was like how to you not notice this when you test run the truck after you fix it? The hose is spewing out anti-freeze. He was mad because I was accusing them of causing the problem. I said hold the truck, don't touch it and I'll be in later to have a look at it. Well I get in later and he shows me where the leak is coming from, the hose is scarred (metal hose), few minor rust spots on it, nothing major, and it is located about 3 inches above two of the coils they replaced. I said Steve, come on it is obvious, and you clearing had to be in contact with this hose to get the coils out, how can you say it is not possible that you damaged it. So he goes on to tell me a story about his hunting dog... "So my hunting dog has come out hunting with me countless times, just like you have driven your truck, one day we are out hunting and my dog falls over dead, shit happens, just like your truck" he says. At the end of the day, Steve and Precision Tune refuses to take care of the damage that they caused to my truck. This is incredibly frustrating. I asked them to do this work, because I was in a pickle and needed my truck ready for the coming weekend and hired "Professionals" to get it done. Typically paying the premium dollar to get something done, means you are paying more, not only to save yourself the work, but to have the peace of mind that you are not going to screw anything up. To drive my truck in and pay money to have preventive maintenance done and to have to tow it out of there, is uncalled for. I would not recommend this shop to anyone. If anyone else has had this experience please contact me, I would like to hear your story.

  • I called in a panic right when they opened at 8am on a Monday due to m... read more I called in a panic right when they opened at 8am on a Monday due to my car giving me lots of trouble over the weekend. Dave not only got me right in as a priority, but he gave me a ride to and from my home so that I could work from home while my car was being fixed. This kind of honest, and caring customer service just isn't common anymore. I had my car back running great as ever by the end of the day and the cost was extremely reasonable. The estimate was not only given to me verbally, but also emailed to me to see what work was suggested. I was able to then make a choice on the work. I trust this shop. Thanks Dave!

  • LesliereviewedDave's Auto Service

    Very easy working with Dave's Auto!! Excellent quality work and done i... read more Very easy working with Dave's Auto!! Excellent quality work and done in a timely manner. Thanks Dave.P.S. His shop also does a good job pointing out potential problems to watch out for downline on the vehicle also saving both time and money or maybe a safty issue.

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