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Auto Reviews in the Lockport Area

  • JimreviewedGerrys Service

    I have been taking all my family's vehicles to Gerry's Service for man... read more I have been taking all my family's vehicles to Gerry's Service for many years. Old cars, new cars, SUV's and pickup trucks - they have all been taken care of so well by Bruce and the Boys! Service is always outstanding, appointments are easy to make and the price is always very reasonable. I can't tell you the number of times I brought my old vehicles in thinking thet were ready for the junk yard - I could not have been more wrong. Time after time, they brought these vehicles back to life for me. Don't waste your time at the dealer - head to Gerry's when you want it done right for the right price!

  • I wanted to share one of my worst experiences for an oil change. I sto... read more I wanted to share one of my worst experiences for an oil change. I stopped by the Amherst location around 7:45AM thinking I can just get in without an appointment, however, I was told that they had an 8AM appointment. I asked BOB the manager (not sure if he can call himself one) a simple question, "was there only one person working"? It seemed like I ticked him off. His response to me was, "what kind of business do you think I'm running, do you think I can have my employees working 12 hour shifts"? I just asked a simple question, I told him I'll come back at 9. Unfortunately I had to call 10 minutes prior to my appointment to re-schedule for later that day, he said to come in at 1:30. I get there asking him about the $19.95 oil change and the first thing he tells me is your truck needs 7 quarts, I said I've changed my oil at other Monro's and they never mentioned that. His response, "who do you think is going to eat up the cost?!". I was like just go ahead and put 7 quarts. Ten minutes later he asked me if I wanted two new front tires because they were low, he had suggested he can put them in the back but he would rather put new ones. I said just put them in the back (he must have not liked my answer). He then tries to cash me out and asks what coupon will I be using, I said the one on your website, he says which one, I say the $19.95 oil change. Can you show me? I had to pull it up on my phone (like he never saw one of these before). I finally cash out, and he tells me you are no longer welcomed in this location! I asked him to repeat what he just said and he says you heard me, like I can fire employees, I can tell a customer to not come in my shop anymore. I asked Bob, what kind of circus are you running here?, and he just asks me to leave. I did let Bob know that I would be writing a review. So there you go, if you happen to visit a Monroe and Bob is working (Amherst on NF Blvd), I would recommend going elsewhere. BTW, thanks to Bob, I will no longer be taking my

  • While driving from NYC to Buffalo I got a flat tire and one of my head... read more While driving from NYC to Buffalo I got a flat tire and one of my headlights bulbs stopped working. Upon arriving in the Buffalo area I took my car to this Monro shop on French Rd. The service was not the best, but I had my car serviced here because I did not want to waste my long week-end tending to my car. The first flag should have been when they told me they could not patch my tire and I needed to buy a new one. Then they quoted me at $200 for one tire! While I was still on the phone, they went down to $150. I told them no and that I was going to go pick up my car and within 15 mins they called back and told me $110. I bought two tires at that price, along with the head light bulb and I had the wiper blades replaced. I spent just over $300 that night, then drove out to Buffalo – about 35 mins away. When I got out of the car I noticed that the head light wasn’t working (it was my mistake not checking before I left the shop). I called the manager John the next day and I simply asked for a credit because I didn’t not want to waste any more time on my car – the total charged for the bulb was $37.19. I told him I would drive back and take care of it when I got home. John refused to give me a credit and told me to take the car in to any Monro shop because it could be that my car shorted the light. After some back and forth with this guy I drove all the way out to East Amherst again and sure enough the bulb they put in my car was bad, but unfortunately they didn’t have any other in stock and they had to run out and get another one. An hour and half later, they replaced my bulb. It goes without saying that I was upset at the service here, not just the intent to sell me a tire for $200 but the fact that they installed parts that did not work – there was no quality check done, otherwise this would have been caught. There was also no consideration for my time on the second day when I had to return to get the bulb replaced for a second time. The manager

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