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Auto Reviews in the Lubbock Area

  • HarrisonreviewedShepherd's Auto Care

    Loved there work. Fast and cheap price compared to other quotes. Pric... read more Loved there work. Fast and cheap price compared to other quotes. Price was exactly what was quoted. Thanks, Harrison Gregory

  • Almost 4 months later I have all of Shepherds incredibly shoddy work r... read more Almost 4 months later I have all of Shepherds incredibly shoddy work repaired. It started when I took it in for an oil leak. Ben said it was the head gasket. ( it finally was determined to be the oil pump gasket). I had mentioned to him I was thinking about rebuilding the engine. What a mistake I made because like a vulture Ben saw his opportunity to pounce. He told me it would be done in a week. After 2 weeks I started asking questions and Ben said the machine shop was waiting on parts. On Monday of the 3rd week he told me they were just waiting on the rods. Next day he said the engine was bored, still waiting on the rods. Next day he said they cant bore the engine till the pistons came in so I found the machine shop and he said no work had been done. He was waiting on Ben to order the parts. So I got the parts ordered. 2 more weeks go by and the motor made it back to Shepherds and Ben agreed to get on it and finish it. A week later no work was done at all. He said on Friday it would be finished tuesday. Nothing was done in that time. Another week went by and he said it was ready so I was excited to go get it. After I got there and waited an hour he said it wasnt ready so I went back home for 3 more days and again he said it was ready so I actually brought it home and I immediately noticed oil AND transmission fluid leaking. So I took it back and was told it was residual. Ha ! It kept leaking so I took it back and the tech ( Mathew) said the transmission case was leaking! I didnt believe that so I took it to the dealer and was shown in person the rear main seal and the transmission seal were both leaking. I took it back to Ben and left it a full week. When I called him on Friday he said the leaks were fixed. So i went to get it and the tech was out driving it and I waited. The tech returned and pulled it up on the rack and I saw it leaking exactly the same as before. Ben came out and said they changed the oil pan gasket thinking that was the problem. I took 1 glance and knew he was lying. He said bring it back Monday. Over the weekend I decided Ben is a lying wothless crook who should be arrested. So I took it to another shop and they found almost everything Shepherds did was 4th rate quality. All the seals and gaskets had to be replaced, including the rear main seal and the trans seal. The front suspension was reassembled as to cause me a tragic crash. They used wrong size cross threaded nuts and bolts instead of link fasteners. That should be a FELONY. ! I've finally got my car back together after 3 1/2 months for a job Ben said would take a week. Every word that came out of Bens mouth was a lie. This was the worst nightmare ive ever experienced with any business ever in my life. Oh yea they painted the inside of my motor and paint flakes were foating around in my oil going thru all my new bearings and internal parts. This place is a scam. Beware !

  • I was dropping my son off at school in Lubbock and my air conditioning... read more I was dropping my son off at school in Lubbock and my air conditioning stopped working. I stopped in and Ben and Paul were awesome. They had the vehicle checked out and showed me the broken part. They got the repair done right away so that I could get back on the road home. They checked all the fluids and tire pressure, gave a a cold bottle of water and even honored the college discount for my son. The air is ice cold and I could not be happier. They were a wonderful shop to trip over while in Lubbock.

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