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Auto Reviews in the Knoxville Area

  • This place was awesome, they gave me a better price than any shop in t... read more This place was awesome, they gave me a better price than any shop in the area and it came with a better warranty so i was totally sold! They took care of my car quickly, i highly recommend them!

  • ChristopherreviewedCrows Alignment and Service

    Just bought a used Durango SUV to fix up. It needed new Ball joints, t... read more Just bought a used Durango SUV to fix up. It needed new Ball joints, tie rods, etc. After fixing it I tried to take it to several alignment shops since Alignments are best left to professionals. All of them wanted to do "More work". One guy said I needed leaf springs (I had just towed my Step Fathers boat from Knoxville to Kingston with 0 problems., another shop said I needed Ball Joints even though I just changed all 4 of them. One even said he would not work on it because I already did the rest of the work. I live in Sevierville so I tried all the "Big" shops from Sevierville all the way down Chapman to the "Lowes" area in South Knoxville. I was about to give up when I remembered my Uncle use to go to Crow's in South Knoxville. I walked in expecting the same routine I had gotten at least 5 times and was greeted by a dog in the Office. as I petted the dog he started wagging his tail and a few seconds later a pretty young lady asked if she could help me and I explained the situation. A gentleman of my senior walked in and I noticed the name "Crow" on his shirt so assumed this to be the proprietor. I once again stated the situation and plainly said "Please I just need it straight enough to drive until I get the funds to finish it. He looked at me, then to the dog who was standing between us as if to ask, "What do you think?" After a minute of contemplation the gentleman smiled and said "I'll take your money but I can't make you any promises. They pulled it onto the rack and hooked it up, One of the mechanics even took the time to bring to my attention a detail about a mishap where we had misshaped and left 2 essential washers off the control arm. We discussed the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that it was safe to drive as long as traffic laws were obeyed. I think the phrase was "No hot rodding or 4 wheeling until you get this fixed." Then the magic began. In 7 Minutes they were taking the truck off the rack and Crow took it for a test drive. I graciously payed the man and swapped stories with another old timer that was in for. you guessed it,an alignment. I am sorry I have made this so long winded. I guess I am an old timer myself now, but When I walked into Crow's Alignment it took me back to the days of the old "Barbershop". Men of good Moral stature willing to not only do exceptional service, but make you feel like you belonged, that you were welcome, and if you were nice to the Good Ole Dog, might leave with a little more wisdom than you came with. Oh and by the way, The truck drives just as smooth and straight as my Lincoln Town Car does now. A++++++++++++ Job. C. Garza Sevierville, TN 1st Time Customer, Now Lifetime Customer.

  • MichelsonreviewedPrecision Tune Auto Care

    Wow, these guys are super knowledgable, friendly, quick, and affordabl... read more Wow, these guys are super knowledgable, friendly, quick, and affordable! I could not be any happier with their oil & filter change service on my 2015 Kia Soul today. I highly recommend letting these guys take care of your car maintenance needs!

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